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Mission Statement


The mission of the Authority is to provide adequate parking for the needs of the residents, merchants and communters and to collaborate witht the Mayor, Council, Planning and Zoning Boards in providing for the future parking needs. 

The responsiblities of the Authority include: 

  1. Maintenance of the Authority lots and property. 
  2. Debris and snow removal. 
  3. Sale of parking permits and meter collection from lots and street meters. 
  4. Preparation of monthly financial management reports. 
  5. Public monthly meetings of the Commissioners to set policy, manage the affairs of the Authority and to pay its bills. 
  6. Enforce parking reulations, subject to the supervision of the Chief of Police. 
  7. Engage professional and other services in support of the Authority's mission. 
  8. Provide an annual financial contribution to the Borough of Metuchen in lieu of taxes. 
  9. To disseminate Authority records and keep the public informed of Authority business.