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Tommy's Pond

Thomas Park was donated to the Borough of Metuchen in 1929 by the grandchildren of David Graham Thomas. This beautiful 1.8 acre property includes a 0.4 acre pond. The pond complements the Borough's other surface water features, including two brooks and 10 acres of wetlands.

Despite their relatively small size, the park and natural pond provide recreational opportunities, such as an annual fishing derby, a Halloween pumpkin float, winter ice skating and sleigh riding, year round observation of duck life, and benches for reading and quiet rest.

Grants from Green Acres and Middlesex County Urban Forestry Advisory Committee, along with funding from the Borough Council and landscape design support by Rutgers University faculty and students, have been used to develop a long-term management plan for the park. The pond has been made deeper, an aerator/fountain installed, and many plantings added.

Several community and civic groups, led by the  Environmental Commission , have participated in these efforts. Future plans include the installation of a biofilter to continue to improve water quality and a connection from this peaceful place to the Greenway.


The pond is a relaxing place to enjoy fishing, stone skipping or a walk with a friend.

Mature trees surround small open expanses, creating this green oasis.

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