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Arts Council

The Arts Council is operated under the authority established in Chapter 10 – Article 5 of the Metuchen Municipal Code. 

The Metuchen Arts Council fosters, promotes, encourages and celebrates the Arts in Metuchen, in order to enhance the quality of life and spirit of community for all of the residents of the Borough.  We do this by:

  • Helping  to broaden an understanding of and appreciation of artistic excellence and diversity by sponsoring exciting, innovative, entertaining programs representative of all of the arts disciplines, including new media.
  • Being  an advocate for the arts and our local artists, strengthening and integrating the arts into all aspects of community life.
  • Creating  a favorable, welcoming climate to attract artists of all ages, cultures and areas of interest to the Borough.

The purpose of the Metuchen Arts Council is to provide and to promote culturally enriching programs and activities for the citizens of the Borough of Metuchen; make recommendation to the Mayor and Council and other Borough agencies with respect to any matters relating to the advancement of the arts in the Borough; and to act as liaison between the Borough Council and other federal, state and county bodies involved in promoting, funding or presenting cultural, visual and performing arts in the community. 

Arts Council Website

Meetings:    3 rd   Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at the Senior Center, 15 Center Street

Please note:  The February meeting will be held on February 26, 2024.

Council Liaison:                Joel Branch                        

Contact:                             732-632-8502


Hamming, Carolyn 12/31/2024
Kmetz, Deborah Nilson 12/31/2024
Lee, Judy Yin-Chi 12/31/2024
Mallozzi, Luciana 12/31/2024
Moudatsos, Nunzio 12/31/2024
Shackney, Grace 12/31/2024
Suchan, Meg 12/31/2024
Balentine, Carmen 12/31/2025
Harris, Mark 12/31/2025
Lopez, Chuck 12/31/2025
Stern, Joanne 12/31/2025
Boyarin, Lenore 12/31/2026
Gaffney, Carol 12/31/2026
Kohl, Terri 12/31/2026
Sharp, John 12/31/2026


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