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Public Works

The Department of Public Works is responsible for all areas of the borough including, sanitation, recycling, curbside collection, yard waste, streets and roads, sewers, parks and playgrounds and public buildings. A brief description of these various services and responsibilities of this Department follows:

Garbage & Bulk Waste Collection
Questions: 732-632-8519

  • Place items out the night before they are scheduled to be picked up. Do not place cans or items out prior to 6:00pm the night before a scheduled pickup.
  • Place your automated garbage can curbside in full view, avoiding parked cars and any other obstuctions.  Must be at least 4 feet away.
  • Any container left out for garbage containing recyclables will be left!
  • If you have extra garbage or bulk items that will not fit in your can call the Department of Public Works for a bulk pick up at 732-632-8519.
  • Bulk Trash Examples: Couch, mattress, furniture, empty paint cans (Lids Off), carpeting (must be cut to 4ft. rolls, 50 lbs. per roll, and tied), lumber 4ft. bundles and tied. 50 lbs. 
  • Each Bulk Trash Item or bundle counts towards the 3 limit! 
  • The Borough  does NOT  collect construction & demolition debris such as sheet rock, shingles, and lumber in excess of allowable limit.
  • For gas, pesticides, paint, driveway sealer and other such household hazardous wastes call Middlesex County at  732-745-4170
  • Please avoid calling about missed items until 1:00 pm. In most instances, the problem can be rectified promptly.

Recycling Information 

Recycling information can be found here. 


The Department maintains approximately 44 miles of streets within the Borough. There are also 5.5 miles of County roads and 2.5 miles of State Highway within the Borough, which the Department does NOT maintain. The county roads include Main Street, Central Avenue, Woodbridge Avenue, New Durham Road, and a portion of Middlesex Avenue. These roads are plowed by those agencies and we assist at any time to improve conditions to our residents.

Patching and Sweeping
The 41 miles of Borough streets are patched as required and swept regularly. The department submits a list of roads to the Borough Administration for overlaying and capping of roads. Roads that need reconstruction are handled directly by the Borough engineer.

Rehabilitation of all sidewalks is the responsibility of the property owner. A permit is required and approval must be given by the Borough Engineer. You may look on line for a copy the sidewalk ordinance by checking the Borough's Code Book.

Snow Removal 
The removal of snow from all Borough roads is performed by the Department of Public Works. All snow equipment is deployed and the Department coordinates its snow response with the Police, Fire and Emergency management departments to assure the most cost effective and safest possible removal. Snow must be cleared from your sidewalk promptly. Do NOT force pedestrians and children to walk on the street. Please remove vehicles from the streets where possible to facilitate snow plowing. Some streets prohibit parking when accumulations occur.

Fall Information
Leaves are to be placed at the curb in biodegradable bags only and are not to be raked into the street. Residents who rake their leaves into the street not only violate a township ordinance but also cause the potential risk of flooding should heavy rain wash the leaves into the storm inlets. Anyone violating this ordinance will be instructed to remove and bag the leaves immediately.  It is the responsibility of the residents to purchase their own biodegradable bags since the borough has discontinued the service of leaf bag distribution. The local hardware store is one option that residents may have for the purchase of these bags. 

Snow Information
It is also important (whenever possible) to remove parked vehicles from the street during a snow storm. Parked vehicles make it difficult to maneuver the plow trucks effectively which prohibits the roadways from being cleared curb to curb. Our goal is to provide a safe and professional service to our community and with the help of the residents we can keep our roadways open and expedite our service in an efficient manner.

Parks and Playgrounds

All Borough playgrounds and ball fields and play equipment are maintained on a daily basis, with the major emphasis being directed toward the summer and fall months.


The Department maintains 67 miles of storm and sanitary sewers and three sewage-pumping stations. Storm basins and lines are cleaned periodically as preventative maintenance or as required. 
During rain and snowstorms, catch basin inlets are kept clear of leaves and debris to insure optimum performance of the drainage system.

In the event of sewer backup into your home, call the Department of Public Work first. We will check our line and advise you if a sewer cleaning service is required due to a blockage in your line.

Storm Water Guide (pdf)


In the event of any emergency during other than regular working hours, a phone call to the Police Department (632-8500) will get a member of this department for assistance in an emergency situation.

Shade Trees

All Borough trees are maintained by the Department of Public Works division of Shade Tree. The Borough will not and does not allow residents to remove healthy trees. If you think you may have a problem with a borough tree please send an e-mail or call the department.

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