Borough of 

500 Main St.
Metuchen, NJ 08840


Deborah Zupan, RMC, Borough Clerk



The Clerk’s Office is considered the hub of municipal government operations, serving as liaison between governing officials and taxpayers. The Borough Clerk is entrusted with numerous and diverse duties under both State law and local ordinances. The Borough Clerk serves as:

  • Secretary to the Governing Body
  • Secretary to the Municipal Corporation
  • Chief Administration Official of Elections
  • Chief Registrar of Voters
  • Administrative and Licensing Officer

The Borough Clerk is also the Custodian of the municipal seal and of all minutes, books, deeds, bonds, contracts, and archival records of the municipal corporation.

When submitting OPRA requests or license and permit applications, please send to or mail to 500 Main Street, Metuchen NJ 08840. If you need to meet with the Borough Clerk in person, please call or email to schedule an appointment.

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