Borough of 

500 Main St.
Metuchen, NJ 08840


Music and additional subtitles have been added by the Borough Improvement League with assistance from the Metuchen-Edison Historical Society.

The movie was produced by Supreme Productions Company out of Red Bank, New Jersey, under the direction of D.B. Dorn, as a promotional film to show the advantages of living and doing business in Metuchen. It shows schools, businesses, homes, and organizations all within a plot line involving "Charlie," who comes to Metuchen and meets "Jean," falls in love and rescues her from a fire. They soon wed and move into a home, but will the romance last?!?

The Metuchen Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, and Borough were all involved in its making, with filming taking place in early January 1929. It was shown at The Forum Theatre, which had been constructed a few months earlier. Much of the original movie is sadly lost, but these 30 minutes give a good idea of what was included.

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