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Auxiliary Police

The Metuchen Auxiliary Police Department is a group of Volunteer Police Officers that serves the borough of Metuchen by volunteering countless unseen hours for the greater good of the community.

The Auxiliary Police consists of 9 Active Volunteer. All are residents of Metuchen. All members have gone through a Basic Auxiliary Police Academy that runs about 16 weeks long. The course is given by the Middlesex County Auxiliary Police Academy and the Office of Emergency Management, which is required by the state of New Jersey.

While on duty all members of the Auxiliary Police have powers to enforce laws in the borough of Metuchen. The Auxiliary Police do not carry firearms. They do carry other items such as handcuffs, expandable batons (night stick), OC Spray (mace), EMS gloves, and a police radio. All members are also trained in self defensive tactics. They are also trained in CPR / AED.

The Auxiliary Police handle all traffic control during many events that occur during the year, such as the Metuchen Holiday Parade, Metuchen Country Fair, Memorial Day Parade, Fireworks displays, and Charity Walks / Runs.

Other assignments of the Auxiliary Police are to work with the Police Department to: 

  • Reduce hazards
  • Patrol (car patrol with other Auxiliary members or Regular Officers of the Metuchen Police Dept.)
  • Assist in emergency or disastrous situations
  • Traffic control
  • Crowd control
  • Emergency call-outs
  • Road closures
  • First Aid
  • Court Room security
  • Also to provide services deemed necessary by the Chief of Police

This is all in an effort to enhance the quality of life for the citizens, visitors, and businesses of the community.

Requirements to be an Auxiliary Police Officer:

18 Years old and up
Valid Drivers License
Able to pass a criminal background check

Active Members 

Captain Richard Dana Jr., 51 years of Service
Lieutenant Eric Gassenheimer, 36 years of Service
Lieutenant of Operations Angelo M. Donato III, 24 years of Service
Sergeant Patrick Donato, 20 years of Service
Corporal James Lewis, 8 years of Service
Ptl. Abdul Ali, 6 years of Service
Ptl. Crystal Crawford, 4 years of Service
Ptl. Richard McNulty, 2 years of Service
Ptl. Nicholas Cece, Started June 2019

Contact Information:

Auxiliary Police Main line 732-632-8123

For Metuchen citizens interested in joining please contact Capt. Richard Dana Jr. or Auxiliary Liaison Sgt. Kenneth Bauer.

Applications are available here  or the Metuchen Police Department Dispatch center or you can print the application and either mail or drop off at the address below.

Metuchen Police Department 
500 Main St. 
Metuchen, N.J. 08840 
c/o Metuchen Auxiliary Police - Lt. Angelo Donato III

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