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Throughout its years of existence, Metuchen Media has served the Metuchen community as its local access cable television station (TV-15). However, since the emergence of social media, and advancements in technology that allow users to receive information at an ever-increasing rate and capacity; the Borough found it necessary to adjust its method of delivery.

In addition to our continued coverage of town events, Borough Council and Board of education meetings, arts, music, sports, and anything that interests and informs the residents of Metuchen on local TV channel 15; Metuchen Media will broaden its social media footprint, by delivering information and entertainment on multiple platforms.

These platforms will include, but not limited to, the soon-to-be updated borough website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the newly created Metuchen Media YouTube page!

These many outlets will ensure that residents and viewers will be able to access and enjoy our programming based on their personal preferences.

Additionally, many of these platforms, including Facebook LIVE and YouTube LIVE, will offer exclusive content and sneak peeks of town events and announcements!

We’re very excited about these advancements and eager to roll them out to the residents of Metuchen in 2019!

To contact Metuchen Media, please email us at:

Stay Tuned!

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