Size and Location of Signs
A friendly reminder to residents and businesses in Metuchen.

The Borough of Metuchen regulates the size and location of signs permitted throughout the Borough to avoid visual clutter and maintain the aesthetics that Metuchen values and ensure vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian safety.

§110-184.F of the Code of the Borough of Metuchen permits only Official Signs (traffic, parking, directional, informational and street identification signage) as approved by the appropriate agency (Borough, County or State) to be located in the public right-of-way. One other clear exception is found in §110-188 of the Code, which permits certain businesses in certain Zoning Districts to place portable special promotion signs (ie: A-frame or sandwich board signs) within the public right-of-way, with specific limitations. §110-191 of the Code also specifically prohibits any signs that are placed within a public right-of-way as well, except as noted above.

Often, this question is asked: where does the public right-of-way end? Generally, this depends on the width of the public right-of-way, but on a typical 50 foot residential street, the front lot line, or the edge of the public right-of-way, is about 10 feet behind the curb. To find out for certain, review your survey, which will show how far back the front of your house is from the front lot line.